5 Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Have in 2023

It’s no secret the market is going nuts all over North America, which is exactly why every real estate agent needs to be focused on listings in this market. 


The buyers are everywhere, multiple offers galore and if you’re focused on buyers right now, you’re feeling the pain.


This list of tools is focused towards helping you help more clients and avoid the wild real estate headaches which were somehow never mentioned in licensing class…

1. Social Media

You already know Social Media is more powerful than it ever has been. You can post about your favorite holiday photo at noon and you entire extended family has seen and commented on it by dinner.

There is why that happens. If you are using social media to stay in touch with your database, the algorithm will keep you in front of them daily and nightly.

Try to drop content in this order:

Mondays – come out swinging with some motivational content.

Tuesdays – drop a picture from your weekend with a funny caption.

Wednesdays – mention something about real estate.

Thursdays – say something about your weekend plans.

Friday – show off a win of the week.

Saturday – be grateful for something.

Sunday – Something personal and connect it to real estate.

Make sure to put out 4-5 stories per day as well. (spread out if possible) You will likely close 5-10 extra deals each year just from this content strategy.

2. Vulcan 7 Dialer

Let’s be honest, if you haven’t heard of Vulcan 7 you’re either living under a rock or you despise cold calling. If it’s the latter, the next tool is for you. But just for a moment let’s focus on those telemarketing ninjas in the office.


When It comes to cold calling, nothing is more important than having the best list of contacts possible and for over 10 years now, the vulcan dialer has delivered nothing but the best. Sure there are other options, some of them even cheaper, but when you can land a 5+ figure commission in almost any part of North America, there is no reason not to have the best data possible.


You want Expireds? They got em! Fsbo’s? You know they do… and NOW… The Vulcan 7 dialer comes with neighborhood data for your circle prospecting efforts too!


We’ve snagged a killer deal for our readers which includes 3 months worth of old expireds (My favorite to call) and 1 month of Fsbos for a 2 week trial at just $49! Book your discovery call here or mention code: “Prospecting Real Estate Agent” and see if Vulcan 7 is just the tool you need in this market!

3. Video Prospecting Formula

What’s better than landing a fresh expired into a listing appointment before they know what hit them? When SELLERS REACH OUT TO YOU!!! Because they’ve seen your signs, billboards, commercials, etc. and they want YOU to list there house for them.


If you are focused on referrals or marketing yourself so you don’t have to do active prospecting, Video Prospecting Formula is the program for you. The entire premise is about building evergreen content and building a passive lead gen machine.  A machine that does lead generation for you while you sleep. 


I’m talking VIDEO PROSPECTING!!! If you want to build your real estate brand, you do not want to miss this one. You get a training library to go through and figure out what path of content marketing you want to take and then the coaching calls guide you along the way to building that machine. The program is my own creation and it’s currently $497 and if you reach out before you order, I might have some bonuses. 

4. Create A "Cash Offer" Program

Opendoor, Ibuyer programs and Zillow are talking about their unique “Cash Offer” program.  It used to be a gimmick but in 2021 an agent without a cash buyer program is like an agent without the MLS. 

There is fear to try this because what if someone actually wants a cash offer… Well, join 3 of your local real estate investing groups on Facebook and let them know you need a couple of buyers on call. 

You’ll have yourself a bonified “24 hours cash offer” program before tomorrow evening. It’s not difficult and in this market you need every edge you can get. 

All you need is a sexy “Get your offer now” landing page and you are ready to toss that link on your Facebook or even run some ads to it. (We typically see leads from $15-$65 on google and Facebook) 

5. Hire An Agency

Everyone and their cousin now runs a lead generation agency. Interview 3-4 of them and you’ll find a reasonably priced agency who will handle your social media, Facebook ads, google ads and more. If you can stick it out with them for 3-6 months you’ll start closing consistent deals from their marketing efforts.


Most agents start marketing, don’t see an immediate return and shut everything down… Have you ever seen the picture of the miner walking out of the tunnel just inches from gold? 


Marketing takes time and money but if you can wait at least 6 months to see your investment come to fruition, you will likely be rewarded with some fantastic clientele!