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If you talk to any of the top agents in the country, they will all know what Vulcan 7 is.

When I was a beginning agent, I had no clue who Vulcan 7 was and no one had ever recommended them to me (probably because I was brand new and not connected with any other agents).

But as I learned and grew, I found that all the top agents use Vulcan 7. So I’m not exactly sure what their marketing plan is, but I want to make sure that EVERYONE, whether brand new in the industry or a seasoned agent, knows who they are and what they do!

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Vulcan 7 just recently made some new leaps in their technology. They now have email blasts and email drips.

This is huge because I would say a good portion of these leads, by the 3rd or 4th call from any realtor, they stop answering their phones.

They’ve already looked into changing their number and they’re silencing their cell phones. So now you have actually have to wait to be able to catch these people.

Vulcan 7 is a company that provides leads. And they do it exceedingly well. They primarily provide Expireds and For Sale By Owners (FSBOS), but they are also affiliated with companies that provide even more types of leads.

I would say that Vulcan 7 provides the highest quality of data that you can purchase in its market. 

There are several different types of data providers out there. They all use public data.

Unfortunately they can’t use government data. (I’ve actually looked into that and it gets dicey very quickly for what you can and cannot use it for).

Vulcan 7, while they seem to keep their resources quiet, they use public data and come back with more information than anyone else out there. I don’t know if they have the hookup with Apple and it’s in Apple’s disclosure or what (kidding), but they’re coming back with phone numbers, even emails and cell phone numbers.

I mean that’s one of the common objections I run into – “How did you get my number?” So this information is going to be a huge advantage to you because you’re going to have the home phone numbers and cell phone numbers that other agents aren’t finding.

They really do have the highest quality data. I mean I’ve tried Red x. I’ve tried Red x’s new program Onyx. And while Onyx is a step above original Red x for sure, it still did not even compete with the accuracy and the volume that Vulcan has.

Vulcan will provide you the numbers for almost as many leads as Redx, which is astounding. Here’s why. The red x will sometimes pull 3-6 numbers for the same lead, saying they were all associated with that address.

Vulcan, however, will typically give you between 1-3 numbers per lead and one of those will be the lead. Often it you get more than that, I’ve found that someone the numbers belong to someone who either knows or is related to the lead and there are ways to get that information.

Just remember, the harder it is to get the information for a lead, the fewer agents you will be in competition with. If everyone out there has Red x, and the only way to get this person’s number is Vulcan, you very well may be the only person who gets that number!

Sure, over time with Red x you might be able to get ahold of that person through their cousin or their uncle or some weird roundabout way. You might call their landlord who has their number and 3 days later you get in touch with them, which is fine!

But with Vulcan, DAY 1 we’re getting in front of them and getting the opportunity to win that business. This is a HUGE advantage because a lot of times before anyone else can even get in touch with these people, I’ve got an appointment with them.

UNLESS you have their email. They will still look at their email. So if you have the right title, the right information, you still might be able to get through by sending them an email. It’s just an added bonus that you automatically get when you’re with Vulcan 7!

Vulcan 7 single line dialer black

Vulcan has an integrated CRM. That means that they have a dialer with a ton of options. You can create categories, groups, and customize settings that will help you organize your data.

Organizing data is the key. I talk to plenty of people who prospect – they talk to people, they try and fail to track all of their information, and they just don’t get anywhere.

If you’re not staying in contact with your good leads, and you’re not consistently following up to make sure you’re getting in touch with the people you didn’t originally reach, you’re missing a ton of potential business.

Keeping your data organized is so important. So setting up your Vulcan 7 dialer, your CRM, and making sure that it is efficient is going to be absolutely key.

Having that system set up right is going to make the difference between the agents who are winning the business and the agents who are not.

Using the Vulcan 7 autodialers, you’re going to be on a single line dialer. Other programs offer triple line dialers, quad line dialers, and I think there’s actually one out there with like 6 lines now that you can dial at once!

Well, with Vulcan 7, you are on ONE line. You are focused. You can actually hear the phone ringing, so as soon as somebody picks up, there’s no automatic system like in the other dialers where the phone system has to first recognize that a human has picked up and not a voicemail.

You actually hear the person pick up and you are able to respond instantly. There’s no missed beat. There’s no pause.

A lot of times on these other autodialers, you’ll be calling through and you don’t hear anything until someone picks up and your screen lights up, and then you need to connect to the call.

So let’s say John Smith answers his phone. Well by the time you get to him, John’s been on the line a full 5 seconds and now he thinks it’s a scam call. You know what I mean?

man working on phone

With Vulcan 7, as soon as somebody says hello, you go right into it: “Hello, this is Matt. How are you?” It sounds like you set out just to call THEM. It doesn’t sound like a telemarketing call.

And that initial response time is a game changer because when we’re autodialing we’re calling these people, they’re often getting calls from tons of other agents. So we have less than 10 seconds to build our initial rapport and convince them that we’re worth listening to.

So if you spend 3-5 seconds of that time not answering them and they’re like “hello, hello??”, you’ve already built poor rapport without even having the option to do well.

You’ve set yourself up for failure unknowingly a lot of times. So the single-dialer aspect of Vulcan 7 is actually a huge advantage. Most all of the other dialers I’ve used whether single or multi line dialing capabilities have not given you the option to listen to the dialing live.

Vulcan 7 is not really built as a CRM. It’s not a top producer. However, the way that it is built allows you to make it your own. And because of that, I was able to create a system that kept me in front of my clients anytime it was time to give them a call. I had built a system out of their system that put me in front of my leads at the right time every time.

follow up equals money

So I didn’t miss a follow up.

And it is extremely easy. I spend very little time doing follow up each day. I spent very little time organizing the list once I set it up. It’s extremely manageable and easy to stay in contact with prospects, which is what you need!

You don’t make money organizing. You make money when you’re prospecting, lead generating and going on appointments. So that’s what we need to be spending our time on and Vulcan 7 gives us that opportunity.


Vulcan 7’s notes making system is one of the best in the industry. It allows you to write a ton of notes, and every time you view that client, you can easily scroll down, read your notes, and see exactly what’s going on. Unlike some of the other systems, it’s extremely user friendly.

For example, Mojo is much more tedious and complicated. You have to go into the right tab, scroll down, look at the history or you have to go over to the side. You have to make sure you posted the right type of note (was it a priority note? Not a priority note? Etc.).

Don’t get me wrong, Mojo works and it definitely has its place. I’m not arguing against Mojo at all. But when it comes to note-taking, compared to Vulcan 7 it can be a real pain.

Volcan 7 Leads+Mojo Dialer

So let’s say you love Mojo. You have a system that you’ve already built out with Mojo. You’re willing to sacrifice that initial couple of seconds on the call where your lead has to wait for you to respond, because you enjoy the multiple line dialer. I have great news for you! Vulcan 7 actually integrates with Mojo.

So if you want, you can use the Mojo dialer and still get the Vulcan 7 leads which, as we discussed earlier, are far superior than other lead sources. In order to do this, all you have to do is call Mojo and call Vulcan 7 and they’ll set it up for you.

I mean when I did it, it was very easy. In fact, that’s what I would use if I was calling Expireds that were older, like maybe 2 to 5 years old.

For old Expireds, I definitely prefer to use a triple line dialer. And that’s just because I’m going to call through a ton of them to get someone on the phone.

With new Expireds, day 1 I’ll expect to have a pretty good connect rate so I want to be right on the phone as soon as they pick up. With old expires, the idea is quantity – volume – calling through tons of numbers. 

Another awesome resource that Vulcan 7 integrates with is Cole Realty. They have some great programs now as well. 

Cole Realty is what you want for Circle Prospecting. And with Vulcan 7, you’ll be able to pull Circle Prospecting lists right through Vulcan 7.

I used to love doing that because I knew I was going to have a high connect rate. If I just wanted a day that wasn’t as much of a challenge, and I just wanted to talk to people, I would just throw them on a Circle Prospecting list and I would call them through Vulcan 7. I’d talk to 60-70 people in a matter of a few hours.

So is Vulcan 7 worth it?

Vulcan 7 is just an overall excellent program for a prospecting real estate agent. It’s just a bare and simple CRM with top quality data.

Last I looked, Vulcan 7 was exclusive to a certain number of agents per market. So you will need to reach out and see if you actually can get involved with them.

You will also need a sponsor in order to sign up with them. I can hook you up there! If you use the link below you should be able to sign up without any issues.

I leave you with this quote I sent to the friend who recommended Vulcan 7 to me the day I signed up:

“These are the new leads. These are the Glengarry leads.”

Sign up for Vulcan 7 HERE