Real estate circle prospecting scripts are everywhere, so which ones do you really need to use? Well the question is also the answer, the one that YOU really need to use. The script that YOU really need to use all depends on your reason for calling.  Are you broke as a joke, a new agent, have no listings etc? Then you probably want to talk with your office members, find out who has buyers waiting for a house. Quite often a buyer wants to be in a particular part of town and with inventory where it is, good luck finding it. Seriously GOOD LUCK FINDING IT… as in GO FIND IT! That means you find which agent has a client looking to be in an area you want to work. (I always suggest at least $150,00 or higher neighborhood) then you go to work. Call the whole neighborhood or better yet door knock. Here are a couple scripts I use.

For calling – “Hi this is_____ with _real estate company_  I’m calling because I have a buyer that is looking to move into this part of town (or subdivision) and wondered if you happen to know of any friends or neighbors thinking about moving?

If they say  “There are several homes for sale on our street” I respond with My buyer has seen almost all the homes on the market in this area and haven’t found the right one. Do you have an email I could send you my info and if you come across anyone thinking about selling you could pass my contact information along?

If they say yes Great what is the best email address for you? Have you ever considered moving in this great market?

If they say no Have you ever considered moving in the great market?

The goal of this type of circle prospecting is to get the information from them so that you can put them on a drip and add them to the farm.

If you find someone who is planning to move in the next six months ask to setup a time to come see the property and give them an idea of what the home would sell for in this market. Keep in mind this is a stranger you just met, be aggressive but don’t be pushy, chances are slim they will be receiving another 100 calls today from other agents as is often the case with expireds.

Door knocking I often bring along a market report for sold homes, pending homes and active homes in the area. I hand out the reports and ask them if they or anyone else in the neighborhood is thinking about moving this year. If no I ask about anyone from work or church, thank them for their time and go to the next house.

The trick with these methods isn’t really much of a trick. You simply have to talk to a lot of people. Aim for between 100 and 300 per week depending on your methods and how much time you plan to devote to making contacts.

Let me know how this works for you! Share it if you enjoyed it!

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