Circle prospecting is when you pick a single point and prospect around that point. Typically if you called the entire block in a neighborhood it would be considered circle prospecting or calling everyone who lives on a particular lake. Expireds is when you call expireds and fsbo’s are for sale by owner sellers. If you are using an efficient dialer you should be able to talk to 20-35 people per hour via circle prospecting. If you are calling expireds then 12-20 and fsbos depending on your script 10-25. I know quite a range with the fsbos that’s because they are often easier to reach in the evening or weekends but difficult to reach when working during the week.

Why do we circle prospect? Well circle prospecting is great for when you get a new listing and when you sell a listing. It’s also effective when you have buyers who want to be in a specific neighborhood. You can call talk to people mention well… Okay here’s what I say for this one.

” Hi ____? Hey _______ this is _______ with ______ Realty.
I’m calling because I’m working with a buyer who is currently
hoping to move into the neighborhood and they haven’t seen
anything that they have really liked on the market. Do you
happen to know of ANY friends or neighbors who have thought about
moving? (If yes) would you mind if I mention your name when I call them?
Perfect, what’s the number.
(If no) Not a problem, has anyone from work or church mentioned moving?
(same as above or) Well thanks so much for your time.

Circle prospecting works on a good day I set 1 – 2 appointments in a 2-3 hr session.

Expireds in my experience have been much easier. These are people who are looking to sell and you just have to show them why you’re the agent to sell it for them.

Fsbos are an area I struggle with still. I have sold EVERY Fsbo I have listed and they’ve all been very happy. My biggest trick to winning fsbos is to DIG FOR THEM. By dig I mean drive around up and down roads and find the ones that no one else is calling. I called a couple and they’d been trying off and on for 2 yrs. Fsbos you have to get in the door. You don’t typically list them on the phone, get in the door and be a good guy or gal. Then keep in touch. Offer a form or two, disclosures etc. DON’T GIVE THEM FREE EXPERTISE for liability reasons and because well why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free šŸ˜€

Conversion rates for FSBO expireds and Circle prospects for me personally.

Circle 1:100
Expireds 1:7
Fsbo 1:25

If you’d like a copy of some of the scripts I use leave a comment. If a few people want to see them I’ll post them.

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    1. I have similar to most of the great scripts out there but semi re-written scripts. I will do an article with my specific scripts.

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