When I was time blocking for my new schedule this week I started to really think about when I wanted to start calling Expireds and Fsbos. I began to think about when the appropriate time to call them during the day was. Some agents I’ve talked with have started as early as 7:30am! WOW! That seems crazy to me and yet they are having great success. I looked at some of the larger real estate teams though and noticed many of them were starting as late as 9:00am. Why aren’t they starting at 7:30am if it’s so great? Well I kept looking at what people were doing and heard about some people who were doing one or two prospecting nights per week. They said they wanted to reach the people that weren’t home during the morning or mid to late day, these people were being missed by teams and all those early birds and still have a home to sell!

Making expired and fsbo calls
Making expired and fsbo calls

The people I spoke to starting very early said they were prospecting to mainly professional clients and attempting to catch them leaving the house or on their way to work. Which made me wonder about who the people calling at 9:00am were reaching? Were these not professional people? I have noticed many of these people that are reachable after 9:00am are still professional people, stay at home moms, business owners and even teachers. So were these 7:30 people just a small bunch of people? I don’t think so. I think the people who answer at 7:30am may be able to be reached later in the day as well. Clearly they have lunch breaks, smoke breaks, time between classes or time on the road if they travel for work.

Don't Give Up Prospecting Fsbos and Expireds
Circle Prospecting

Figuring all of this out has made me believe that the best time to call people during the day is WHEN YOU WILL CALL THEM. For me that happens to be 9:00am. I’m not a big fan of waking up early, or as some might say I’m not a morning person. I’m still up each morning between 6:00-6:30am. So what does that mean about which time is best? Well I think best comes from perspective. You need to be on the phones making calls and one thing I’ve heard over and over and over from inside sales agents and other agents is that if you call all day you will have an average for the day that stays pretty consistent. They never said one time was better than the other or than you are missing out on people at any one time more than others. It purely depends on the number of calls you make and how consistently you make them. Figure out what time works for your schedule and stick to it! I’ve set appointments at all hours of the day from 8:00am-8:00pm and they only way I was able to set those appointments is when I was on the phone daily for a consistent time. I choose to be calling expireds and fsbos for 2-3hrs per day depending on how many follow up calls I need to make. So once again for the record the best time to call doesn’t exist. You can argue that as much as you want but people are different, some will answer in the morning some will answer on lunch some will answer in the evening and some people look at their phone like an ex from high school which they make every effort to avoid it all the time. So get up when you are ready do your roleplay and make your calls. Simple as that!

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