There are days I wake up and I can’t seem to find the energy, motivation or even desire to have energy or motivation. These are the days that I come up with some lame excuse in my head that I don’t need to prospect or generate leads and let laziness be the boss for a bit. Sometimes these things happen and I actually write into my calendar a number of days I can just be lazy. I don’t have them listed by date or I’d end up telling myself I’ll be productive on my lazy day and lazy today instead… that wouldn’t work…

Today on the other hand I did sleep in and I figured I would still go in get some paperwork done and get some prospecting in. I did so and in less than 10 contacts I had landed an appointment to SIGN PAPERS not a listing appointment. I’d already been on the appointment and she had not answered my calls since. So super pumped about that $340,000 home at a good price too šŸ˜€ Also set an appointment with a guy who is coming in town from out of state NEXT WEEK. If I hadn’t called I would have missed that one. Then confirmed my appointment tomorrow and they are motivated. Very successful day and all I had to do was a little bit of action. Information isn’t power action is power and that little bit of action is paying off EVERY SINGLE TIME. If it’s not paying off each and every time look into why and fix it. It should be paying off every time.

I love this video so I’ll share it hopefully you all enjoy how enthusiastic this man was about his job and how his action of giving this speech probably kept the employees who were there EARLY thinking about that speech and smiling and helping to make others day.

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