I’m going to expose a big secret in the stand up comedy world. Some of you may believe me some of you will not. Many times when you watch a comedian you will see what seems like a moment that is occurring for the very first time, as if they came up with that hilarious response right there on the spot. The secret? It’s a script! I know this because I was a comedian for several years before deciding I would prefer to be home with my wife than out on the road for weeks at a time. These moments that feel fresh and new in the moment aren’t practiced just once they are practiced often hundreds if not thousands of times.

-The tone of the words
-The rate of speech at which each piece of the sentence is spoken
-The spacing of words

Every single piece of this matters in order for each joke to come out just right.

This is the same way in prospecting. KNOW YOUR SCRIPTS. Scripts are the basis on which our prospecting conversations are held. There are SO many scripts out there it is mind boggling I personally use Mike Ferry Scripts. They work great for me. I also have objection handlers posted on the wall in front of me so I can read them as I prospect. I do memorize my scripts and I also have them for reading encase someone throws me off which happens.

Lately my calls have been soooo much more productive from working on mirroring and matching each of the people I speak with but I’ll save that for another article. Memorize your scripts and objection handlers so that these tools are properly maintained in your mind.

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